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Entry Options


If you are entering to complete all 3 stages, you must state this on application. If you do not complete any of the stages, you will deemed unsuccessful for the relevant stage.

On the basis you are successful in completing all 3 stages within the set timelines, you will not only receive the 3 part medal, you will receive the 4th part which encompasses all 3 medals.

If you wish to enter as a team of 3, this can be done. However, you and your fellow team mates must stipulate on application which team member is completing which stage. You cannot change onto all 3 stages once you begin the race.

Charity Fundraising teams

The event is able to take teams of 3 individuals per charity fundraiser. Each participant must be stated on the application which stage they will be entering.

On successful completion of all 3 stages, your team will be deemed successful and Stand Proud Amongst The Great.

On successful completion of all 3 members completing, you will collectively receive the medal per stage completed. Please note, the 4th part of the medal is only awarded to those who complete all 3 stages on their own.

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